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Master Key Experiences – Week Two

Week two ended in frustration. Even being in the hospital for two days, I still completed my revised DMP. Murphy is alive and well. Otherwise, it’s a great day to be alive.

I really liked the ‘linking techniques’ taught to us. Linking promises to different colors imprints ‘suby’ effortlessly. If you master the small stuff, handling the ‘big stuff’ will come very easily.

Simply, believe in the process. It’s already working in my life.


Master Key Experiences – Week 1

Never thought, in a quadrillion years, I’d be posting to any ‘blog’, much less mine.

Just when you thought you had a handle on a concept up pops another concept that makes one say ‘what just happened’? To say I’m a little bit overwhelmed is an understatement by a factor of 10+. On the other hand, I will master the concepts taught in this six month course and come out the other side a better enriched person.

Believe you can ‘do it’ and you will. Believe you can’t ‘do it’ and you won’t.

Looking forward to learning to be a really good blogger.